StreamCloud is a lean and minimal SoundCloud app that brings your SoundCloud stream to your desktop. Finally.

You can control your SoundCloud music with your Mac’s media keys. With global hotkeys you can easily play and pause tracks or jump to the next or previous track.

Access your SoundCloud music everywhere via your menu bar with StreamClouds mini-player, get notifications for started tracks and scrobble your SoundCloud songs to

Feel free to support StreamCloud with a donation!

My window is blank! Where are my tracks?
Mostly because StreamClouds only works with OS X 10.9 and upwards. If so, you have to follow some artist or liked some tracks first. Currently StreamCloud only shows you your default stream or and your likes.
Why don't the Media Keys work?
For some users the media keys get in an conflict with iTunes. One workaround is another app called Magic Keys, that let you bind your Macs media keys to StreamCloud instead of iTunes. But a much better solution is an option for hotkeys. Go to StreamClouds settings and set your own.
I want to like, repost, playlists, etc ...
Currently there are many features missing. But be sure that we've already have them in our backlog. See some future designs on dribbble and see our backlog on GitHub.
How can I contact you?
You can write us a mail, follow us on Twitter and submit issues on GitHub.